Vizualization showing how the hanger works

How to use our hanger

In Studio Speculo we believe, that every Float mirror has its own character and deserves a human touch and decision before decorating your room. And who is a more suitable person than its new owner?

That's why we design our custom hanger, allowing to you decide, which side is the best for your interior and is your favorite.

set of our custom hanger

Simply use a 3D-printed hook with a screw of your choice, suitable for the final wall material. Try to use the right size so that the head of the screw does not protrude too much above the surface of the hook.


Diagram showing how to use our hanger

Then choose your favorite reflection on the mirror and just hang it on the hook!


And remember, if you ever want to change the expression of the mirror and rearrange it - just simply turn it!

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