About us

Studio Speculo was launched in 2021.

We both graduated from Industrial Design at the School of Form in Poznań, and Filip is also a graduate of the Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction at IAAC Barcelona.

The idea of creating designed objects appeared when we made an attempt to recreate the old craft method of silvering mirrors. An we made it!

Now we work on combining new technologies with crafts. Working with craftsmen, we try to maintain the old methods of production, while exploring specific topics and pushing their boundaries.
Our passion for creating based on a new technologies and the possibilities
of today's world comes to the fulfillment of a small - big dream - the
purchase of a KUKA robotic arm, for which we already have crazy plans.

In our design and process of production we focus on 4 aspects: timeless
design that will be passed down in the family, new technologies,
craftsmanship and experiments on various levels.

We run our small but three-floors studio in Warsaw where you are welcome :)

Wiktoria and Filip Bieliccy