MUST HAVE 2023 award for Studio Speculo!

MUST HAVE 2023 award for Studio Speculo!

We are honored to receive the “Must Have” award during the Łódź Design Festival for our Float series of mirrors. We would like to thank this year's jury for noticing our product and distinguishing it in the competition.

This is our first award and it will surely stay in our sentimental hearts for a long time.


"Must Have" - This is a plebiscite organized since 2011 by the Łódź Design Festival, distinguishing the best implementations from Polish designers and manufacturers. It is a quality mark that companies can use in the country and abroad. It was created to popularize good design and to promote domestic business and designers.

We believe that artisanal production has an extraordinary value because it combines both the skills of craftsmen and the individual character of each manufactured item. Manual production allows us to achieve high quality, unusual solutions and unique effects that are not possible in the case of mass production. That is why we are glad that the Łódź Design Festival appreciated our approach to design and production. Thanks to this distinction, we can show that craft production using traditional techniques can be modern and innovative!


Meet all the winners of the plebiscite and see what other projects have been awarded!
Our special attention was drawn to the project of Fezz tube amplifiers designed by KABO&PYDO, as well as vases from Pani Jurek and cloud-soft bedding "Lato na Mazurach'', it's a pity that it is available only for kids ... :)

Congratulations to everyone who took part and we can't wait for the next edition!


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