Studio Speculo on Might Delete show, NYCxDesign

Studio Speculo on Might Delete show, NYCxDesign

We had a big pleasure to be a part of Might Delete: Share the Reflective Narrative show during New York Design Week 2023.
One sunny May week in New York, our first show over the ocean!

The show was focused on reflective objects so our MiRR-13 was a perfect match!
Among other fantastic Creators there was a place for our, out of space beloved mirror.

Mi-RR 13 on the show, on table       

Unfortunately we cannot be at the place but American Design Club said “Opening night was fantastic! Your piece has been a favorite at the show. Folks were definitely gravitating to your piece first for some selfies over the weekend” so we have to believe :))

Big thanks and congratulations for organizing it to the American Design Club and the Canal Street Market for hosting the show.

Go check their Instagram and web!
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