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Float Mirror 80 cm #white_12

Float Mirror 80 cm #white_12

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Float series are hand-made mirrors with the traditional method of pouring silver onto glass.

  Size: 80 cm diameter, 4mm thickness.
  Colour: white.
  Materials: glass, silvering, water paint, metal hanger.
  Weight: 5,5 kg.

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* This offer presents a specific mirror, it is hand-made, which makes it unique and it is available for purchase as a unique piece.

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Read more about Float series

Float mirrors refer to the artisanal method of producing mirrors. Our recipe refined dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. Glass is watered with a silver in an artistic way that challenges its shape, but a clean sheet fulfills its basic function and reflects the surroundings very well.

Float is a mirror that can be defined as collectible design. You can treat it as an interior wall decoration, put it into floor, or simply hang in the corridor.

The glass is made in the Opti White technology, thanks to which the background colors retain their natural shade, while the mirror gently falls into warm tones, which results from the manual production process.

On the back of the mirror, there is our original hanger glued to the center of the object, thanks to which you can rotate it at any angle and adjust its shape to the interior design or user preferences.

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