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Mi-RR 13

Mi-RR 13

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Mi-RR 13 is an object-mirror that intrigues with its form. The shape of the frame is an attempt to capture the disappearance of the classic form standing mirror at the moment of transformation into a cosmic object.

  Size: 46 cm high, 38 cm width, 18 cm depth.
  Colour: polished aluminum.
  Materials: aluminum, mirror.
  Weight: 7 kg.

Limited edition of 250.
Product ready to ship.

The material is obtained from waste - scrap, which thanks to melting and hand grinding by polish craftsmen gets a new life. From something in which it is difficult to see the potential of beauty, we create a totally new form of a noble object.

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The frame model was sculpted based on parametric assumptions in the CAD program (Grasshopper), the mold was made in 3D printing technology, while the entire final object is a manual work of Polish craftsmen. The mirror frame is an aluminum casting object made from waste- scrap, which was later treated by hand grinding and polishing of the highest quality. Due to the properties of its material, it cannot be coated for many years, so it will live with the new owner and gently change over the years. Each copy is signed with an individual number. The mirror will look stunning on a dresser or bookcase in the living room as well as on a table in the bedroom.