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Mirror Blob no. 5

Mirror Blob no. 5

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An irregularly shaped wall mirror will add character and expression to your interior. It will optically enlarge the room and attract the eye over the dresser or sideboard. Organic shapes will be perfect in various interior styles - they match their soft lines to the calm Scandinavian style, or the Eclectic one full of colors and non-obvious combinations.

  Size: 76 cm high, 56 cm wide, 4mm thickness.
  Materials: mirror, protective film, metal hanger.
  Weight: 3 kg.

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The mirror pane is made in the Opti White technology, thanks to which the reflection in the mirror keeps its natural colors, they are not distorted by the classic, greenish shade of the mirror. The edge of the mirror has a 15mm chamfer - a delicate cut, which gives it a better expression in its shape. The edges are carefully sanded and polished.

Each mirror is glued on the back with an aesthetic protective film, which reduces damage in case of breaking the mirror.

On the back of the mirror, there is our original metal hanger glued to the center of the object, thanks to which you can rotate it at any angle and adjust to the interior design or user preferences. (See instruction below.)

Mirrors are delivered in a solid transport packaging made only of recycled cardboard, so we do not circulate a new plastic.

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